Forensic Engineering

Fitness For Service (FFS) – Structural Integrity and Assessments

iGET Services offers expertise to assess structural integrity of critical infrastructure with technology enabled methods. We provide Fitness For Service (FFS) engineering assessments, backed by our state-of-the-art analytical approaches for a variety of structures and structural elements per ASME, API, NASA, and MIL standards. We perform Root-Cause-Assessments through On-Site investigations, Mechanical Forensics, Finite Element Analysis, Metallurgical and Corrosion Analysis, and Code Compliance.

We provide Fitness For Service analysis by implementing:

  • Detailed 3-D Finite Element Modeling
  • Linear and Non-linear Stress analysis
  • Fatigue, Fracture, and Life Analysis

We also offer inspection services in the following areas:

  • ASNT Welding Level III inspections
  • ASNT NDT Level II & III inspections
  • CWI, API 510/API 570 inspections
  • Coatings and NACE Level II & III inspections